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Deck Mount Widespread Bathroom Faucets

If you are renovating your bathroom, you should consider installing the widespread deck mounted faucet. This faucet has a durable, strong, and long-lasting structure. Widespread faucets are great for filling multiple bowls or washing large pots and pans.

Bathroom faucets with a deck-mount are typical. Wall-mount faucets dangle above the Basin or bathtub by mounting to the wall. The number of holes in your sink is crucial for the optimum arrangement when replacing a deck-mount faucet.

Deck-mount faucets rest on the sink or are attached to the countertop. It is common for deck mount faucets to be used in sinks without sprayers, but they can also be found with traditional and pull-down spray heads. Sinks and countertops can be fitted with deck-mount faucets. You need to know the number of holes on your sink before installing a new deck-mount faucet.